Dinosaur Pet

Dinosaurs tend to be interesting to many children. Teachers and parents both use dinosaurs themes for teaching, birthday parties, toys to play with, and decorations. Just in case you haven’t used the idea of a dinosaur for a pet, here’s a dinosaur pet idea for you!

Blue and Green Dinsosaur


Relating to their real world. Since children don’t have any live dinosaurs for pets, introduce this topic by talking with children about their pets they do have. Children can tell about their pets, what they do with them, what they eat, if they live indoors or outdoors, and if they do any tricks.  You could write what they say on a large paper to keep on the wall. Now it’s time to introduce the idea of having a dinosaur for a pet at their home!


Make  a class book. Each child will get their own paper.  A prewritten introduction could be written on the top left hand corner (pre-reading) with something like:

“If I had a dinosaur as a pet, I’d….”

“I wish I had a dinosaur for a pet. 

The dinosaur would live….

The dinosaur would eat….

I would teach my dinosaur to…

Tricks the dinosuar could do….”

Children can draw pictures to express their ideas. You, the adult can write their words about their pictures on the page. Some preschoolers may be interested in writing the word “dinosaur” themselves.


Take the opportunity to encourage children to expand on their ideas for their pet dinosaur. Ask open-ended questions like

“How will your dinosaur pet catch the ball with you?”

“What kind of food does your dinosaur pet eat?”

“How will you take the dinosaur to the beach with you? etc


 Children can each contribute their Pet Dinosaur page to the class book. (For at home – each person in the family can make a page for a family book.) Put it together and keep it available for the children to read. It will be a well loved book!

A couple dinosaur books:

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

Author: Hughes, Catherine D.,  National Geographic Children’s books, 2011

ISBN13 9781426308468, ISBN10 1426308469


My First Dinosaur Board Book

Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 2004

ISBN# 0756602815

 Some of the learning that can occur:

  • Names of objects (and cognitive)
  • Answer questions
  • Ask questions
  • Letters make up words
  • Words have meaning
  • Write name on paper
Fine Motor
  • Uses crayon, pencil, marker to write/draw
  • Clean up when finished
  • Follows routines

dinosaur clip art is from www.mycutegraphics.com 


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