Science & Colors in a Cup

When we can teach concepts with real concrete objects and with hands-on involvement, we involve more of the senses and the opportunity for learning increases. Here is a fun way to teach colors, enjoy a little science, and some language conversation, too.

Baking soda, food colors, clear cups, spoons, water and a tray with a lip is all that is needed.


Each spoon gets a drop of food coloring.



Next, cover the spoon’s food coloring with baking soda. This hides the color to give an opportunity for children to guess/predict what color they think is under the baking soda.



One spoon at a time gets stirred in a cup of water. The water will change colors. See the green color here. Depending on how much baking soda is use, it may fizz – this could be a new vocabulary word. If a lot of baking soda is used, it may fizz up and over the top of the cup. Take time to talk about what happened. Use open-ended questions that start with “how”, “what”, and “why”.



The choice is up to you. What colors to talk about. What colors to review and introduce. Mixing colors can be an option.



Writing the color names reinforces that language can be written and letters form words.


And we experienced science with real objects, reviewed colors, what letters spell the color words, matching words to the colors, prediction, used fine motor skills, and in social we took turns, listened, followed directions, and cleaned up.

Hurrah for a great, simple science & colors in a cup!


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5 Responses to Science & Colors in a Cup

  1. Nice! We’ll add the signs for the colors for our hearing-aid boys, and I predict mixing and guessing the outcome color will fascinate the 7-year-old! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Lauren says:

    Great idea. I love incorporating science activities with my preschooler. We might just have to give this one a try. :)

    I’d be thrilled if you’d link up at this week’s Off the Hook!

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  4. happyhooligans says:

    I love how you hid the food colouring under the baking soda, Cathie! What a fun experiment for little ones. I’m pinning so I remember to try this one here with the hooligans! Thanks for linking up to the outdoor play party this week!

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