A Leaf House

When I was a child one home we lived in had big trees with leaves that would fall and cover the lawn. I looked forward to creating a house in the leaves. My sister and I would make rooms – we could make all the rooms we wanted in the space we had.



Lucky for me now, I have big trees with leaves. They cover the lawn with beautiful yellow, brown, and green leaves. Right now they are mostly yellow.



The children who come over like to make piles and jump in them.



This day two of the school age children were over. They feel a thrill as they drive up with their dad and see the leaves – that’s where they run to immediately! What’s all the crunching and crackling sounds?



I still like to make paths and create a house. It doesn’t last long but it’s fun for me and which ever child is here to enjoy it with me.


If there aren’t any big trees in the playground, maybe some will be found at a neighbor’s or the local park. It could be the wrong time of year in your neighborhood or the wrong weather for these trees. So, if that’s the case, enjoy these photos and know we are playing for you, too!





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4 Responses to A Leaf House

  1. Joette says:

    I loved making those houses. My children used to go ask the neighbors if they could have their leaves. They would rake them and dump them in our yard so they could play in them.

  2. Kendall says:

    Man, too bad my mom just raked up all of her leaves! I’ve never thought of making houses out of them!

  3. mtetar says:

    Thank you for sharing both Leaf House, and Cap for sale. Cap for sale is a great book, and Leaf House is a great Fall Season Activity. Best, Mary@ diligentnanny.webs.com
    Also at http://www.projectsbyMtetar.wordpress.com