Caps for Sale

I love introducing this book to children.

“Caps For Sale”  A tale of a peddler, some monkeys and their monkey business

author: Esphry Slobodkina

illustrator: Esphry Slobodkina


The peddlers sells caps. He walks through the town with the caps on his head calling “Caps! Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap!”  He walks out of town to the country, decides he’s tired and takes a nap under a tree – this is where the fun begins.



I collect hats for this story so the children can tell the story over and over again with the hats. I found a red one and a black one a few years ago. Then I use others so the children have a good number available to balance on their heads.




Vocabulary words: peddler, refreshed, checked

Same and different: town/country

Imitation: illustrated so well with the monkeys imitating the pedder

Colors: specific colors for the caps

Feelings & emotions: The peddler shows what HE does when frustrated and then angry. Good opportunity to talk about what a person can do when frustrated or angry. What else could the peddler of done?

Position words: under, top, bottom

Math: counting the monkeys, the caps, the buildings in town, the number of times the monkeys say “tsz”

Motor: Putting the hats on their own heads, shaking fists

Language: teach value for words


If this book is sitting in a box, pull it out, dust it off and enjoy the story, acting and all the teaching that can occur!


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