Title, Author, and Illustrator

Developing literacy skills is a part of outcomes in early childhood.  One part of the literacy goal of Book Knowledge and Appreciation is for preschool children develop an understanding that a book has a title, author, and illustrator. Preschoolers are often ready to also understand that a book has a spine, a front, a back, and the story reads in a certain direction. Yes, children can learn the parts of a book. What fun it is to hear them tell the parts by themselves!

I’ll use the book, “I Love You Through and Through” written by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak, to show the parts.



Start with the part of the book having a top, a bottom, a front, a spine and a back.

The Spine  –  Show children to hold the book closed so the skinny part faces you.



The Front –  Show the front of the book.


The Back –   Hold the book closed facing away from you



Now teach who created the book: the illustrator and the author.

The Illustrator who draws the pictures called illustrations. They have meaning but cannot be read. The illustrator makes up pictures to go with the words.

The Author is the person who writes the words in the book. The author thinks of a story and then writes it all down.

And don’t forget the title!


Here are some questions you may ask to help with intentional planning. Each child could have their own book in a large group gathering or talk about the parts of a book individually. This is not for testing….it is for planning. Have fun and smile!

  • Show the front of the book.
  • Show the back of the book.
  • Show me the spine.
  • What does the author do?
  • What does the illustrator do?
  • Point to what to read.
  • When all the words on this page are read, where do I go to find the next word to read?


Be sure to include these parts when making class books. The children will love it!


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  1. Great things to teach. I need to work on those with my daughter. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  2. All My Baby Birds says:

    I love this book and read it to my kids often

  3. You are right about the understanding of the book parts being important for literacy. Thanks for linking up and sharing at TCB.