Letter Knowledge

“Research shows that alphabet knowledge is one of the best predictors of success in first grade reading.”  Marilyn J Adams


Letters are straight, curved, or both activity.


This activity can…

  • help make learning letters more meaningful. 
  • help children recognize that each letter is unique and different from the others.  
  • provide opportunity so children will be able to make comparisons between the alphabet letters. 
  • draw attention to specific letters 
  • allow children to distinguish features of letters

First, teach the children that letters are either made of all straight lines, curved lines, or both. As a group go through each of the letters and distinguish which letter fits which category.

Either as a group or individually, children can choose a letter out of a letter bag, bucket, paper sack, a pile, or however you set it up. The child decides whether the letter is straight, curved, or both. The child then places the letter in the appropriate column on a graph. (Notice a sample letter under the words: straight, curved, or both.)


You can choose whatever letters you have available. If you want a certain style of font, just make your own letters on the computer, print them off, and tah dah! You have exactly what you want.



Be sure to enjoy this time when a child figures out that putting letters together will make a word. See how c-o-w  together becomes cow! Hurrah.



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2 Responses to Letter Knowledge

  1. Kathy says:

    Great Technique will be trying this when I begin working.