Rope ABCs

“Rope ABCs”

We know children develop writing through stages of learning. When children move from the scribbling stage to making the letter like forms, I like to give them lots of opportunities and use a variety of materials. With the use of rope, yarn, or decorating trim children can make any letter of the alphabet. Here is the “Rope ABC” activity!

Each child has a length of trim to use. I like to let the children choose which one they want to use. That means I have more cut lengths of trim than the number of children. (If you can encourage a seamstress to donate some trim – even better!)



Ask each child to make a certain letter of the alphabet. If you are doing this in a large or small group, you could have all the children make the same letter. See the sample of an “o”. I like the “o” because it is simple and gives the children an opportunity to be successful at the beginning.


After making letters you choose, move to each child choosing what letter they WANT to make rather than you choosing if for them.



For a new twist, the children can make letters in partners. And as they develop their skills in this area, they can choose more than one trim to make words.


  • This provides children an opportunity to write letters independently with a new tool for writing.
  • Children get to use large muscle movement to create letters which may be providing an opportunity for more success with some children.
  • When partnering with another child, there is the opportunity for teamwork, cooperation, and language usage.
  • Visual and Kinesthetic learners  love to see what they are doing and use the rope to physically make the letters in Rope ABCs.







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5 Responses to Rope ABCs

  1. I have some little ones who would enjoy spelling their names with rope. I’ve never given them long enough ribbon to make it happen. Thanks for the fantastic idea!

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  3. What a great idea!! I know my little one will LOVE making letters like this! :-)