Gel Sensory Writing

With a little container of hair gel and a sealable storage bag, I made a fun gel sensory writing activity.

IMG_3964 writing gel container


I make this during a time when children can choose to watch me. They were curious. What am I doing? What is that stuff? Is it for them? I love all the questions.


IMG_4005 gel writing X

When it is finished, I demonstrate the basic of how to use the gel sensory writing bag. Using my finger I drew an “X”. I put a white paper underneath so the “X” shows up clearer.  Ooooh! This looks fun. Everyone wants a turn so I make several bags.


IMG_4007 gel writing

Children, with encouragement, write the letter their name starts with, write numbers, draw shapes, and just squiggles! I observed and noted the children who found this activity soothing and calming.

The bags only last about a week due to the amount of use. They are easy to make and I am glad they are used and enjoyed.


What learning can happen? Here are a few:

Fine motor – Use of the finger for drawing increases the physical development and control of the muscles

Manipulative Skill – Some children hold the bag still with one hand while drawing with the other hand

Approaches to Learning – Child’s engagement and persistence ability increases.

Social – Cooperatively takes turns without adult supervision.

Classifying – Identifies numbers, shapes, and letters.

Prehandwriting – Draws recognizable letter, shape, numbers.






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