My Mini Book of Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve in my little part of the world. Family will come over in just a few hours to visit and share some wonderful Christmas time together. (We have to be flexible with everyone’s schedules.) In case you will have some little ones around, here is “My Mini Book of Christmas” to print off and share with the children. It can be cut so that the individual pages can be made into a book. You could also print it in black and white so children can paint or color the pages.

Just click and print as many as you need. My Mini Book of Christmas


Enjoy the season and take advantage of the colors. For example, my daughter brought these red and green jelly beans. We can talk about colors. Count each color. And, some children will want to make patterns with the ones they have in their fists.



It’s fun to keep the children involved in activities like table setting. Counting how many people are here, matching the napkins to the  number of plates, matching the chairs to the number of place settings, etc.




Enjoy the next few days and the wonderful people!







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