Self-correcting Card Puzzles

Last winter, I made some puzzles from cards I received in December. However, I can use birthday cards, Easter, Mother’s Day, and any cards to create my own unique puzzles.

IMG_2865 card puzzle


First, I cut the card so I only use the front of the card. I then choose how to cut it. I will just cut it into 2 pieces for younger children.

IMG_2868 cards for puzzles


Turning the 2 parts of the front of the card over, I then write a number on one piece and place the same number of stickers on the other. I make these with children helping sometimes, too.

IMG_2867 puzzle card back


Now, a child puts the puzzle together by matching the 2 parts for the front of the card OR he puts the card together by matching the number and the same number of stickers.

IMG_2870 card puzzle fronts


IMG_2869 card backs


This seems easy – it is. Children enjoy these simple puzzles and learning happens!

Puzzle cards give children an opportunity to demonstrate strength and coordination of small motor muscles.  Arms, hands and fingers need to coordinate to accomplish putting the puzzle together. Fingers and hands move the cards in a purposeful way to turn them over and match. The older preschoolers recognize fine details.

Children demonstrate understanding of patterns with self-correcting card puzzles. Color, number, size and shape form patterns for children to recognize and pair common relations.




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2 Responses to Self-correcting Card Puzzles

  1. I love that idea of cutting up cards and making them into puzzles. How fun is that! I will definitely be giving that a try!