Color at Breakfast

Teaching is a 24/7 opportunity. For breakfast I put a little color into the meal. Since it’s so close to Halloween, I chose orange. I don’t have any orange food coloring, so here is where the problem solving began.

I share the problem  with the preschooler and show the food colors that I do have. Using a little cognitive learning, he remembered mixing 2 colors together and announced that if yellow and red are used then there will be ORANGE!



With a few drops of red and a few drops of yellow followed by a stirring of the spoon, the otherwise white pancake batter changes to orange. We talk about whether to add more and how “orange” he wants the pancakes to be.  Early morning science.

The orange pancake is cooked inside a jar ring making it round like a pumpkin. One candy eye is added to the pancake for a spooky effect.


In addition, the stem of the pumpkin is symbolized by adding a little green to the milk. Tah Dah, now there is an interesting breakfast with a bit of learning: colors orange and green, science was mixing the two colors to get orange, and then identifying and talking about the shape: circle.



Today, he finds an orange-colored food in the refrigerator. It’s an orange. So, using the orange we talk about the color and the shape. A couple other shapes are found that are circles, too. There is the bowl, the pumpkin container, the green plate and the cup with the green milk. He’s off to find more orange in his environment.


This little breakfast is easily made as a snack at preschool, home, or childcare. I take advantage of a young child’s natural wonder and curiosity about their world. This is an easy activity for a child to quickly become engaged in the process and also the end result!  The child also has an opportunity to use language skills – both expressive and receptive. In addition, this basic activity can be carried over to tomorrow and the next day so the child can explore the color orange in more depth. Writing in a journal about orange, making a graph about orange in the environment, investigating what other items can be turned to orange are just a few ways to expand.

Enjoy and Happy ORANGE to you!


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